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The performing arts are very important to us at The Rock. We believe that they were created by God and for God. Much of what we do is centered around or accompanied by the performing arts. Psalm 150 gives us a great snap shot of how the performing arts are to be used to praise God. As we perform we believe our greatest goals are to praise and worship God, communicate His word and invite His abiding presence. Below, you’ll find more detailed information about our ministries and how you can be involved. Hopefully we can help you find a place to utilize your gifts to honor and worship the Lord.

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To use all of the gifts and talents that God has given us to lead people in a passionate worship of God, speak His word uncompromised, reach the lost, and draw all people closer to His heart. Here is a list of all of our performing arts teams:

Worship Team
The Rock’s band and choir. We rehearse weekly to prepare our hearts to lead the house in worshipping our Father God. We believe that relevant music is a tool in our hands to worship and glorify Him.

Motions of Praise
The Rock’s adult modern and ballet dance team. This trained group of dancers is focused on presenting ballet and modern dance in such a way that people’s hearts are stirred to worship the one true God.

Daughters of Praise
The Rock’s junior modern and ballet team. This team is made of young dancers who have the same focus as the Motions of Praise dance team.

One Way
The Rock’s adult hip hop team. This team uses all forms of hip hop dance to worship God and reach out to our generation in a relevant way. We also have hip hop teams for our middle school ministry (NRG) and our high school ministry (24/7).

24/7 Worship Band
This is our youth ministry’s band that uses high energy music to praise & worship God.

Service Productions Team
The Service Production Team is responsible for all audio and technical aspects of our high energy services. The team includes the following areas: Live sound, recorded audio, live video switching and camera operation, video post-production, projection graphics, lighting, and stage management.


The vision of the Worship and Arts Ministry of the Rock of Gainesville is to:

  •     Lead people in a passionate worship of God utilizing all forms of musical and artistic gifting.
  •     Communicate the word of God, written and spoken, through all forms of musical and artistic gifting.
  •     Be a ministry of excellence in all areas.
  •     Utilize lighting, audio, computer and video technology as a part of worship unto God.
  •     Be a ministry of faithfulness and true character apart from gifts and talents.
  •     Be sons and daughters in the house of God and not simply performers.
  •     Be people under authority, first to God, and then to our leaders, regardless of our emotions and opinions.
  •     Use our gifts and talents to stir others to walk in the destiny God has called them to.
  •     Use our gifts and talents to reach out, first to our community and then to the entire world.
  •     Be those who restore the ability to utilize musical and artistic gifts in the House of God with humility.

If you would like to get involved in our Worship and Arts Ministry, please contact Jamie Chong-You

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